Dice is certainly not one of the most popular mmc996 online casino games. Mainly because it is a game that is not authorized in online gambling legislation. So unlike roulette, blackjack, or online slots, the General Directorate for Gambling Regulation has not offered the possibility to internet gambling operators to apply for a license to include craps among the offer of casino games.

The basic rules for playing dice

Craps is a casino game that has found its star territory in the United States. The craps table has dozens of bets available, and that makes it a very rich game in rules and strategy, but as in online casinos it is not allowed -as it is a game that the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling has decided not to include in the list of legal games in the Gambling Law of 2012- we are going to try to make a guide about how to play craps much simpler and basic compared to what would be a guide on how to play poker.

As a quick summary, we will say that the game of craps is based on the bet, which has the shape of a round and is called a pass line. In craps, players bet by placing chips on the pass line of the table, and it is usually a huge table that needs multiple casino employees to manage all bets on different tosses.

The pass sequence begins with a throw roll in which one of the players rolls the dice. Bettors who have bet on the “pass” win if the result is 7 or 11 and lose if it is 2, 3, or 12. Any other number becomes the point that marks the game and is paid individually.

If the shooter rolls a number of points at the exit, keep shooting until he rolls the same number again to win an even payout, or rolls a 7 to lose.

Basic rules for playing dice

By way of conclusion, we will quickly review what the basic rules would be with which a beginner could learn to play immediately at a craps table. Remember that in any case, craps are the same game on the internet as in live casinos, but some rules and procedures are slightly different. Here are some points that every player should know before playing:

  • Rule 1: the number of dice

Two six-sided dice are used, and you are betting on the total of the numbers that land face up on both dice. If one die falls on two and the other dies on 4, then the number on that die roll is 6. If the numbers are 1 and 1, then the die roll is 2. We can never bet on each die separately. There is no bet that a die will show the number 1, for example. All dice bets are the sum of two dice.

  • Rule 2: buying credits or tokens

In online casinos, as in other games, we must first make a deposit. That will make us have money in our ATM, and we can enter the craps table and place our bets.

In live casinos, we can pay in cash at the table of the dice, but they will always give us chips, which is the only thing that is allowed to bet in the game of a live casino.

  • Rule 3: table staff

In online casinos, all decisions and payments are made automatically, but in live casinos, there is a human team. The common complement is four people: the boxman, the stickman, and two dealers.…


Craps is an exciting game that, in countries like the United States, is at the top of the TOP-10 ranking of casino games. Today we explain ten mistakes that you should avoid when you face this complex gambling game in your favorite casino, although surely this happens when you travel to Las Vegas or Macao, which is where the greatest offer exists.

Playing mathematically very losing bets

Placing bets on all box numbers is no better than placing the “Come” bet. So let’s not fall into that mistake that goes against the laws of probability. And it is that if there is an advantage of the house, it is because that option is destroyed.

Abuse Place bets

Let’s not bet on Place bets, as so many dice players unfortunately do. And it is that in this class of bets it is the one that could in the first position of a list to ignore them.

Trust the trends

Trend bets cannot be long-term winners of craps, both in physical casinos and when it comes to online casino gaming. So while many dice players are convinced that they can beat the game by betting in favor of a trend, it must be borne in mind that there is almost the same number of fans who probably think they can beat the game by betting against the trend.

Ignore some bets

Let’s not ignore Pass Line, Come, Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets. These are the best from a player’s point of view and should be the only ones to bet on.

Do not study probabilities.

We have to know how to analyze the probabilities that we have against the probabilities that the house has when it comes to selecting our bets. It’s not worth the casino saying “Oh, here’s an extra special bet for those who are smart enough to play it that way”; the truth is that it is a wrong bet in terms of mathematics. I’ve been able to see casino players at craps tables, betting 50 units on the pass line and backing 50 units in odds.

Animate the caster without moderation

Feel free to cheer if a pitcher has been having a good streak and serving good numbers roll after roll, but please don’t disturb him during the shot. Nobody wants someone else’s garlic breath to escape their nose when they are shooting.

Don’t be the rowdy player at the table

Don’t be the type of player who breaks decorum or the basic rules of education at the craps table. Nor in the chat of your online casino. Keep your hands off the table, do not hang them on the table, or have physical contact with the rest of the players. Do not throw bets when the shooter has the dice. Do not collect until the shooter has made his point. Also, you shouldn’t complain out loud about your bad luck.